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How to judge the quality of chiller


Chillers with high quality not only satisfies the users' normal needs, but also saves energy for users.

The quality and the evel of performance of chillers just like of electronic products, are determined by the hardware such as its configuration.

   The key factor of the quality of chillers is the compressor that was asked not only to be stable but also be of good energy efficiency.

The second is the evaporator and the condenser, that are Used to absorb and release heat. sufficient and appropriate heat exchange can make full use of the compressor. high-quality externally threaded brass precision CNC machining and high-strength seal structure are what good evaporator and the condenser depend on

the next is the expansion. The main function of it is to make the high-pressure refrigerant liquid at room temperature, it is not only a flow regulating valve in a chiller refrigeration system, but also a throttling valve in a refrigeration apparatus.

    A chiller with a good configuration can not only protect the normal operation of the unit, but also reduce the operating costs of the unit and 

improve work efficiency. The configuration of the chiller determines the quality of the chiller.

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