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The maintenance of water-cooled chiller


    The maintenance of water-cooled chiller

    It is inevitable that there will be dirt or other impurities affecting the

cooling effect. Therefore, in order to prolong the service life of the water-cooled chiller and achieve the best cooling effect, regular maintenance should be done to ensure the chiller operation quality and improve production efficiency.

First, check the water-cooled chiller voltage regularly. Make sure that  

magnitude of current is steady and the compressor is working right, check the oil mass is more than 2/3 of the window, if the compressor semi-hermetic. The normal voltage is 380V, and the current in the range of 11A-15A  when the chiller works well. 

Second, check the refrigerant according to the pressure table. pressure among 11-17kg or 3.5-5kg is well, otherwise, there are something wrong such as leakage 

  Third, check whether the cooling tower fan and the sprinkler shaft are

working well, and whether the built-in water tank is replenished, and fresh water for 3 months.  

Fourth, The main parts include cooling towers, cooling water pipes and

condensers should be cleaned after being used for six months

Fifth, close the circuit breakers of the water pump, the compressor and the main power supply When the chiller is not in use for a long time.    

Sixth, adding refrigerants by yourself is not allowed, if you must, pls call the specialized


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