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Share the correct operation of the mold cleaning machine

There are the following points to remind new customers:
1: When using the mold cleaning machine to clean the mold, the distance between the magnetizer and the mold is well controlled (generally controlled at around 30MM)
2: The current and voltage matching in the mold cleaning process is accurate (factory setting). If the current is too high, the cleaning surface will be dark and the gloss will be poor.
3: Cleaning mold time is controlled in 10~30 minutes
4: In order to better utilize the limited cleaning agent resources (higher price of special cleaning agent for molds), there are several ways to increase the service life of cleaning agents:
(1) Increase the number of times the filter element is replaced;
(2) After the mold is cleaned, the cleaning agent brought out by the cleaning basket is collected and returned to the cleaning tank again;
(3) After cleaning, try to isolate the cleaning agent from the air to avoid volatilization in the air.
Some mold materials, cleaning the effect on the spot is very good, once it is in contact with the air will change color, treatment: supporting derusting process, using a special water-based rust remover protection, generally soak for 3 to 5 minutes, blow dry with compressed air Conditional factory can choose and provide pure water for rusting of molds;
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