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Injection molding machine, water mold temperature machine and oil mold temperature machine

For the modern plastics processing industry, the performance of auxiliary machines also has a significant impact on product quality and production efficiency. A wide range of plastic auxiliary machines are widely used in various fields of the plastics processing industry. Plastic auxiliary machines are essential equipment and sometimes an integral part of the complete production line. Among them, the mold temperature machine is a very important part of the plastic auxiliary machine.

The mold temperature machine generally has two types of water mold temperature machine and oil type mold temperature machine. At present, most of the mold temperature machines made in China are equipped with full digital PID temperature control and automatic cooling control, which can automatically maintain stable mold temperature, temperature can be accurately controlled within ±1 °C, and there are many safety settings. At present, domestically produced injection molding machines and the like have basically been equipped with domestic mold temperature machines.
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