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Why are there grooves in the bottom of the bottle? Really want to pack a little drink? After reading the knowledge

Because after all, the design below occupies a certain amount of space, so the amount of the bottle inside will be slightly less, if it is flat, it may be loaded more. So, there is a groove at the bottom of the beverage bottle? Really want to pack a little drink?

In fact, this is not the case. If you want the bottle to stand better and have better stability, you will deliberately thicken the thickness of the bottom to have such a design. Another more important reason is that because the bottle is made of plastic, if you want to shape the bottle, you must first heat the plastic to a certain extent, then use the gas to go and then give the shape of the bottle. Blowing out, and because the bottom of the bottle is too thick, it will result in such a small groove.

 Now that the national economy has grown by leaps and bounds, our prices are getting higher and higher. The prices of these beverages have not only declined, but they have also been reduced in quantity. The grooves at the bottom are also the ones we always think that the merchants do not want to improve. of. Especially the cola we usually drink, this design is simply too much. However, with the use and feedback of the public, the manufacturers also found that this small technique can make the bottle more stable and safe. In addition, the manufacturer also found that it is very convenient to make according to this template, and gradually found by other beverage manufacturers. This cockroach, all adopt this style. So basically all the drinks are now in this shape, don't you know if you found it?
Moreover, the design of the bottle can be explosion-proof and pressure-proof in addition to high stability. Plastics are super dangerous at high temperatures or when the pressure is particularly high, so it is safe to design the bottom of the drink in this way. After all, it has been used for so long, and many companies are using it. The template, then this is the best choice for them. Also, I heard that at the beginning, the designer’s idea was to make the curve of this bottle design beautiful, and the inspiration was derived from the perfect figure of the girl.
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