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The characteristics of the automatic feeding system, you know those

    1. The injection molding machine is centralized and automatic feeding system. Its characteristics are as follows: 1. High efficiency: The central feeding system can automatically supply a variety of raw materials to any multi-chamber injection molding processing equipment, including drying treatment of raw materials. Color matching treatment and proportional pulverization and recycling materials can be used for high-level automation control, monitoring, etc., and can meet the production needs of 24 hours without stopping.
Second, energy saving: the central feeding system is easy to operate, only a few people can control the feeding requirements of the entire injection molding plant, thus reducing a large amount of labor costs. Secondly, the raw material belt and the corresponding auxiliary equipment beside the injection molding machine are reduced, and the utilization ratio of the space is improved. In addition, due to the adoption of the central feeding method, correspondingly reducing a lot of stand-alone equipment, it also saves power and reduces maintenance costs.
Third, personalization: the central feeding system can achieve different user users, different workshop characteristics, different raw material use requirements. You can design an optimal solution according to actual needs.

Fourth, the image of the modern factory: the central feeding system will reduce the pollution of raw materials and dust to the injection molding production to the lowest level, so that the clean production workshop can be maintained, and the central feeding system uniquely collects the dust recovery system, which makes cleaning easier. The environmental protection effect is to meet the requirements of the 100,000-class clean room operation and reduce noise. In the end, an unmanned automated production workshop can be realized, and the image of modern factory management can be established.

    2. Features of dry powder mortar automatic feeding system: 1. Stable quality: At present, the quality of mortar disposed on the construction site is unstable, the strength is not up to the requirement, and the dry mortar is industrialized, and the raw materials and mix ratio are strictly controlled to ensure the mortar. The quality is stable and reliable. 2. The secondary accumulation function, in addition to the cumulative total number of quantitative times and total weight, there is also a corresponding number of times and weight accumulation for each quantitative group; and can accumulate the weight of each material. 3. Full-board digital calibration and parameters 4. Over-detection detection and correction function with parameter control 5. With digital keyboard, can directly input numbers 6. Multiple sets of password protection functions, can prevent illegal operation by unauthorized users 7. With manual / Automatic dosing function, can switch between automatic semi-automatic; 8. Real-time display of weighing data and other functions.

    3. Features of aerated concrete automatic feeding system: This system is an automatic control system specially designed for aerated concrete equipment and brick machine production enterprises. It is simple in operation, friendly in interface, high in intelligence and stable in performance. Function introduction: 1. Two-way grinding head belt weighing control of measuring lime and gypsum. 2. Casting part: control the batching of cement, cement, slurry, aluminum powder, steam heating, control pouring mixer and automatic unloading into the shuttle bus, can control two streams at the same time. 3. Pulping part: control the amount of tap water, waste water, waste slurry and fly ash. After the pulping is finished, the slurry is injected into the slurry tank through the slurry pump. 4. Material level: It can separately detect the amount of material in the slurry tank, cement, cement and other materials. It can set the upper and lower limits of the material in each tank. When the temperature is lower than the lower limit, the system will output a control signal. Above the upper limit, the signal disappears. 5. Broken arch: For cement silos, cement, fly ash and other silos, sometimes there is material in the silo and can not be cut. You can install a vibrator on the silo wall to make it vibrate in a timed or semi-automatic manner. The purpose of the arch.
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