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How do you need to maintain the new mold temperature machine?

1. Purchase a new mold temperature machine. Please check whether the cooling water is flowing before use to prevent damage to the mold temperature machine due to insufficient cooling water. We must keep the working environment of the mold temperature machine clean and avoid dust, which can greatly extend the service life of the mold temperature electrical components.

2, the new mold temperature machine, we have to make different maintenance measures according to the heat transfer medium used. For the medium is water, we must keep the water source clean, so it is not easy to scale, and it can prevent the pipeline from clogging. For the medium is oil, we have to replace it regularly according to the temperature of use. For 200 °C or above, we have to replace it once a month or two, and below 200 °C, we can replace it once a quarter or so. Avoid the problem that the temperature cannot be added.


3. In terms of pipelines, we must judge whether the pipeline is clogged according to the relationship between pump and pressure. If the pressure is too small, we can take out the heating pipe and clean it with tools, especially the filter network of the system inlet. The cover is best cleaned once a month.


4. Regularly check whether the mold temperature pump and oil pump leak oil. If necessary, the pump shaft seal can also be replaced regularly.


5. On the electrical components, we can replace them according to the service life of the components and test them regularly to ensure safety.
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