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Mold water cleaning machine can effectively remove scale in the pipe

Under normal circumstances, the mold waterway will deposit 1-1.5mm thick scale and rust after running a heating period, and accordingly reduce the temperature in the waterway by 3-6 degrees, and the water quality is worse in the area. If the pipeline is not effectively cleaned for a long time, on the one hand, the flow of water decreases, the flow rate becomes slower, and the temperature of the mold is significantly reduced. On the other hand, the more serious is that some will cause waterway embolism and cannot be dredged, resulting in a permanent mold waterway. Failure, irreversible. Therefore, the mold waterway generally needs to be cleaned once every six months to ensure the normal operation of the mold waterway system.
Mold water cleaning machine is also called pulse water cleaning machine, mainly used for die cooling system, injection molding machine condenser, injection molding machine cooling port cooling system, central air conditioning cooling system and other pipeline cleaning.
The mold waterway cleaning machine is used for the cleaning of plastic gold mold waterways, using high-pressure water, compressed air, generating jets, and flushing the mold tube waterway. Can effectively remove the scale, rust, and residue in the pipe, so as to improve the cooling effect of the mold, increase the mold usage rate, increase the output, and reduce the product defect rate.
Die water washing machine humane design. The washing machine is easy to move and has a wheel style. It can be cleaned in the mold maintenance area after online cleaning and changing the mold. Equipment with high and low pressure forward and reverse flow circulation function. The mold water cleaning machine has an automatic cleaning function. When the mold cleaning time arrives, the cleaning and cleaning are automatically switched. After the clean water is cleaned, the compressed air is automatically switched and automatically blown. The washing machine has an overload protection function, and a reminder function is provided after the cleaning work is completed. With a heating function, the water temperature can be constant at 40 degrees. The interface requirement is a touch screen operating system.
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