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Characteristic of the Central Conveying System


High efficiency:

         the central feeding system can realize the automatic injection molding processing equipment of various raw materials supply any use, in which may include raw material drying processing, color processing, and according to the proportion of the material crushing and recycling utilization, can exercise a high degree of automation control and monitoring, and can satisfy production needs 24 hours non-stop.

Energy saving:

        the central feeding system is easy to operate. Only a few people can control the supply demand of the whole injection plant, thereby reducing a large number of labor costs. Secondly, the material belt and the auxiliary equipment next to the injection molding machine are reduced, and the utilization rate of space is improved. In addition, the niasi central feeding way, correspondingly reduces many stand-alone equipment, also can save electric energy and reduce maintenance costs.

Perfect service:

         high efficient and highly skilled construction team in the company, to ensure the construction progress and the unflawless connection with the original injection workshop.

        From the plant planning, hydropower engineering design, dust-free room engineering design, technology consulting, to the whole plant process planning, we will provide you with the most complete and professional design plan.

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