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Maintenance and maintenance methods of dehumidification dryer


One, dehumidification dryer maintenance:

1. Record the daily operation and maintenance of the dehumidifier and set up a file.

2, regular training for the operators, especially the new employees.

3, regular maintenance and maintenance of the single machine in the system;

4, regularly on the pipeline, especially the vacuum line and compressed air line leak;

5. Regularly clean the dust of the electrical parts of the equipment.

Two, dehumidification dryer maintenance:

1. During the drying process, the parts of the equipment which are in contact with the material need to be cleaned and sterilized.

2. The optimum temperature range of dehumidification dryer is 15 ~ 40 degrees C, avoiding low or high temperature, which affects dehumidification efficiency or damage to equipment.

3, clean up the central filter in the desiccant dryer regularly, if the breakage needs to be replaced.

4. Clean the filter gas network regularly (about two weeks) to maintain the dehumidification, dust removal efficiency and life of the machine.

5. After cleaning up the hopper and dry bucket, it should be installed in place.

6, in order to improve the solubility of the product, quick dissolving, dry products, should be quickly discharged from the drying room, after cooling after packaging.

The maintenance and maintenance methods of dehumidification dryer are introduced here today. The maintenance of dehumidification dryers can reduce the probability of equipment failure, reduce maintenance costs and prolong the service life of dehumidifier dryers.
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