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The development trend of the dryer in the next few years

    There is still a gap between the quality and the technical level of the domestic dry products compared with the developed countries. Learning from international advanced technology and combining with practical experience, we should explore new technologies, develop new technologies, develop new products, and develop towards large-scale, high-intensity and high economy. That's the development trend of China's drying equipment industry.

    At present, the low level of automation of domestic drying equipment and the backward control means are common problems. As to the level of automation at present, it is not difficult to solve the problem of control in the drying equipment, but the problem of the rational combination of the automatic control technology and the drying equipment is the most lacking. The requirements of different materials are different to the dryer. In the same way, there is a great difference between the requirements of the material and the means of control.

    As we all know, each drying equipment has its specific application scope, and every material can find several kinds of drying equipment that can meet the basic requirements, but the most suitable one is only one. For example, improper selection, users not only need to undertake unnecessary one-time high purchase cost, but also pay a heavy price in the whole operation period, such as low efficiency, high energy consumption, high running cost, poor product quality, and even equipment and equipment can't run normally.

    Automatic control plays a more and more important role in drier, but its one-time investment is also the most concerned problem. Sometimes the investment in control equipment is even greater than that in the drier's mechanical part. In view of the requirement of drying machine and drying process, we should make sure the control plan reasonably, and set up the research topic for the specific drying engineering.

    In addition, it should also pay attention to the study of the drying equipment. The magnification involves hydromechanics, mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, material science, dust removal, anticorrosion, electrical appliances, control and other disciplines. There are some problems in the enlargement process. Therefore, the enlargement of the drying equipment is not a simple geometric amplification.

    In this respect, to a great extent, it depends on the experience of industrialization, the mastery of material properties and the understanding of the drying equipment. In the process of enlargement, the possible phenomena should be predicted rationally and objectively, and the corresponding schemes can be put forward. The so-called study of amplification effect is to grasp the theory of drying and dry technology, while paying attention to accumulating practical experience and summing up lessons.
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