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What is the difference between the drying method of the dehumidifying dryer and the traditional heating fan?

The dehumidifying dryer is different from the traditional hot air drying method in that the heated air is sent to one or more standard drying hoppers, which not only improves the drying efficiency, shortens the drying time, but also is not limited by the environment. Drying effect. However, because the physical properties of different materials are different, the required drying temperature is also different, and a reasonable drying temperature needs to be set according to actual conditions.
The use of dehumidifying dryers can be categorized into stand-alone machines and centralized machines. Stand-alone dehumidifying dryers usually include a dryer host, a drying tank, and a suction machine. The use of a stand-alone type is suitable for a small number of various types of drying, and has the advantages of good drying efficiency and quick and convenient reloading.
The dehumidifying dryer includes a drying machine main unit and a plurality of drying barrels. Each drying barrel of the dehumidifying drying machine has an independent heating controller. The dehumidifying drying machine can simultaneously dry a plurality of different raw materials, and the dehumidifying dryer can cooperate with the air volume adjusting valve. Control the air volume of each drying bucket.
The dehumidifying dryer first draws the air in the environment to remove the moisture in the air at a low dew point, and then heats the dried air into one or more standard drying hoppers, which can improve the drying efficiency and shorten the drying time. If it is a conventional hot air blower, it is difficult to achieve the drying effect by drying the material with moist external air. In addition, when the plastic is taken out from the moisture-proof sealed packaging bag and exposed to the atmosphere, it will begin to absorb moisture from the atmosphere. The traditional heat fan cannot prevent the plastic from absorbing moisture, and the drying effect is poor.
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