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Analysis on the Problems Faced by Plastic Crusher Industry

At present, China's Plastic Crusher is widely used in waste plastics recycling and factory scrap recycling, but with the national energy conservation and environmental protection policy issued, plastic crusher also followed by energy-saving technological problems, in this reform if Can not provide energy efficient, high environmental protection plastic crusher, many companies will lose market competitiveness.

With the continuous strengthening of China's construction projects, broken machinery industry showed a good momentum of development, usher in a large development opportunities. According to the information, China's crushing machinery future growth of the main direction: product upgrades brought about by the market share, as well as new product innovation R & D to form a new growth point.

The general production of large crusher equipment business equipment on the environmental protection index has strict requirements. All enterprises in the production of equipment, are fully taken into account the equipment may occur in the operation of the various problems, greatly reduce the equipment due to vibration or improper operation caused by the noise, heavy pollution accidents.

With China's urbanization, the new rural and industrial construction to speed up the pace of construction industry, high energy consumption, the use of low power has become a strong economic development and strong obstacles.

As the plastic crusher replacement faster, especially the life of small crusher only three or five years, the annual replacement of the crusher is about 20% of the total demand for crusher, crushing machinery for the rapid development of a strong driving force, At the same time in the development of low-carbon economy, crushing machinery industry is also faced with energy-saving environment-friendly crusher important technical reform.

However, driven by the new market demand, the mining equipment to update and optimize the upgrade more urgent. Domestic crusher equipment manufacturing enterprises to fully tap the market potential, vigorously develop large-scale environmental protection and energy saving crushing machinery and equipment, in the green environmental protection mining play a positive role in the transformation.
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