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What are the characteristics of the accessories of the centralized feeding system?

Its use not only improves work efficiency, but also saves some equipment costs for the enterprise. Usually, the centralized feeding system is mainly composed of various main parts such as feeding main, storage tank, meter, dryer, etc., which cooperate with each other and integrates from raw material supply→storage→metering→drying→conveying→forming production process. Manpower and material resources to achieve enterprise production automation.

      1, the characteristics of the feeding host

The feeding host has a function of a safety relief valve. When the main engine pressure is too high, when the safety setting value is exceeded, the pressure relief valve will automatically release pressure to protect the motor from being burned out. It is generally designed to have two feeding mainframes and automatic switching valves to ensure the safety and stability of raw materials during transportation.

2, storage barrel features:

The storage bucket is used for storing raw materials, and can be docked with various cutting machines, which is convenient to move and fast to feed. The storage tank is generally made of stainless steel, and the appearance is beautiful and rust-free. It can also be customized according to the actual production situation of the customer, and the size is optional.

3. Characteristics of the meter:

The meter can carry out metering and proportioning of a variety of materials, with high ratio precision, accurate and fast material feeding, and automatic operation function to realize full control and monitoring of the production process.

4, drying equipment features:

The dryer is a device that uses heat energy to remove moisture from the material. It is easy to install and does not occupy space. It only needs to consume a small amount of electric energy to generate heat energy, achieve dry purpose, and be environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

What are the features of the accessories for the centralized feeding system? Share them here today. The centralized feeding system can realize centralized management of various raw materials, effectively avoiding waste and pollution, maintain the cleanliness of the factory environment, and establish a new corporate image.
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