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Adiabatic closed cooling tower working principle and advantages

The adiabatic closed cooling tower is a new cooling device that can reduce the temperature of cooling water while maintaining the purity of water. It also has many functions, strong adaptability to the environment, simple structure, small size, and small footprint. High cooling efficiency, simple connection line, small amount of project, convenient installation and maintenance cleaning, saving water and electricity (sprinkler pump low head high flow, motor power is very small, on the unit), low operating costs, can cool high temperature water , oil, liquid gasification, safety and fire protection.
Nowadays, this type of cooling equipment has many forms. The common feature is that it sprays water outside the partition wall heat exchanger and is forced to ventilate. Heat is transferred from the cooled fluid in the inter wall heat exchanger through the wall to the outside of the wall. Drenching water is transmitted to the air by forced convection of spray water and air, and the heat transfer from spray water to air is mainly composed of the latent heat of spray water evaporation and the sensible heat exchange between spray water and air. Because the cooled fluid flows in a closed loop between the internal wall heat exchanger and the external process equipment, it is different from the general cooling tower in which the cooled fluid is in direct contact with the air. Therefore, it has the name of "closed tower" and it will The general cooling tower is called "open tower".
Working principle and advantages
1. The adiabatic closed cooling tower is actually an evaporative cooling tower, a combination of a cooler and a wet cooling tower, and an adiabatic closed cooling tower is a horizontal evaporative cooling tower. The process fluid flows through the tube and the air is in the tube. Outflow, the two do not contact each other. Closed cooling towers are a variant and development of traditional cooling towers. After the water in the tower bottom reservoir is pumped by the circulation pump, it is sprayed evenly out of the pipe. It does not come into contact with the process fluid hot water or refrigerant and the outside air. It becomes a closed cooling tower and enhances heat and mass transfer through spray water.
2. The adiabatic closed cooling tower is suitable for various cooling systems with high requirements for circulating water quality. It has application prospects in power, chemical, steel, food and many industrial sectors. On the other hand, compared with air-cooled heat exchangers, evaporative cooling towers use the latent heat of evaporation of the water on the underside of the tubes, which significantly enhances the heat and mass transfer on the air side, which also has significant advantages.
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