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There is great room for the use of water mold temperature machine in die casting industry.

There is also a lot of space for the use of water type mould temperature machine in the die casting industry, especially in the manufacture of magnesium alloy. In the manufacture of aluminum alloy, the uneven or improper mold temperature will lead to the instability of the size of the castings, and the deformation of the castings can be ejecting in the production process, and the defects of the thermal pressure, the adhesive die, the surface sag, the inner shrinkage hole and the heat bubble are produced. It also has an impact on the production cycle, such as filling time, cooling time and spraying time, resulting in unstable variables. In addition, the life of the die will also be affected by the overcooling and overheating, which will lead to the hot cracking of expensive steel and accelerate its aging.
Product characteristics of water type mould temperature machine
The full digital P.I.D. segmented temperature control system can maintain stable mold temperature under any operating condition, and the temperature control accuracy is up to + 1 C.
High efficiency water circulation pump has high pressure and high stability.
A number of safety devices, when a fault occurs, the machine can detect abnormal automatically, and the indicator shows abnormal condition.
The appearance design is beautiful and generous, easy to disassemble and easy to maintain.
The internal use of stainless steel, high pressure explosion-proof;
The optional flow distributor and the Teflon tube;
When it is changed to the European regulation safety loop type, the machine will add "CE" afterwards.
Water model temperature machine detailed information:
The principle of water type mould temperature machine: the mold temperature control machine is used to control the temperature of the injection molding machine mold, heating the oil or water to the best temperature needed for the product molding, sending the mold back to the ring, and improving the mold temperature quickly in order to improve the molding efficiency and shorten the opening time. The heater and cooler can accurately adjust the temperature of water or heat medium oil, and quickly circulate in the mold to maintain a stable temperature during the molding time, in order to improve the quality and efficiency of the product.
Application range of water model temperature machine
The water mold temperature machine is mainly applied to the heating and constant temperature of the mould. In addition, it can be applied to other areas with similar needs. The mould temperature machine is directly cooled by the mold backwater, then the pump is pressurized by the pump to be sent to the mold after the heat pipe is heated. To meet the requirements of heating and constant temperature, a new type of controller can be used to ensure stable temperature control.
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