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The secret killer in the mold cooling waterways, you know?

With the continuous downturn of the manufacturing market and the development of economic globalization, the domestic low-tech mold processing technology has seriously delayed the development of the mold forming industry. The mold manufacturers have to do everything possible to speed up the production schedule, and strive to simplify and abolish The necessary production process further shortens the production cycle of the mold; at the same time, the mold processing enterprises are faced with more and more personalized demands of consumers, and the production demands of many varieties and small batches are more and more frequent, and the shorter the production cycle of the molds is, the more people demand. In addition, with the soaring price of materials and the increase in labor costs, reducing mold production costs has become a very urgent need. For mold management companies with sophisticated management, any aspect of the mold molding process that can improve efficiency, shorten the production cycle, and reduce costs will be focused on and improved to enhance the competitiveness of the company in all directions.

As a key part of the mold forming process, the mold cooling water channel design plays an important role in the molding quality and production efficiency of the mold, and the cooling process obtains better results if the cooling system can optimize the design cooling according to the shape of the plastic parts and the molding process characteristics. Waterways, with everything in the world, have two sides. This type of cooling waterway design that is beneficial to cooling has increased the difficulty of maintenance.

With the continuation of mold forming production and over time, frequent changes in the hot and cold water of the mold waterways will cause a large amount of rust, scale, etc. in the mold waterways to adhere to the inner wall of the pipes, causing fine lines and poor thermal conductivity. In serious cases, the pipeline is blocked, which seriously affects the use of the mold. As a result, the molding quality of the product is unstable, and the number of defective products increases, resulting in a decrease in production efficiency.

For this situation, mold companies will generally take appropriate cleaning measures to ensure the daily use of the mold, and some companies use automated cleaning equipment, such as the reciprocating cooling water cleaning machine of the Entek NTC, ultrasonic mold cleaning machine, The mold cooling waterway is thoroughly cleaned, well maintained and maintained, and many companies are still using traditional cooling water cleaning methods, such as demolition cleaning, spike cleaning, and chemical immersion. However, many companies are often ill and treat diseases. Few companies really pay attention to and discover the effects and effects of cooling water cleaning on mold forming quality and economic efficiency.
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