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Dehumidifying dryer is suitable for all kinds of complicated working environment

The core structure of the dehumidifying dryer is a continuously rotating honeycomb drying wheel, which is the most critical component of moisture absorption in the dehumidifier. It is composed of a special glass fiber carrier containing a little metallic titanium and active silica. The structural design can not only greatly limit the moisture absorbent, but also increase the surface area of the wet air and the moisture absorbent in contact with each other, improve the working efficiency of the dehumidifying dryer, and has a high strength, and can be well applied to various complexities. working environment.
On both sides of the dehumidifying dryer, a partition made of highly-sealing silicone rubber divides the entire surface into two sectors: a 270-degree processed sector; and a 90-degree regenerated reduction sector.
When the dehumidified humid air is required to enter the treatment area, the water vapor in the wet air is adsorbed by the active silica gel in the runner and is dried, and the dried air is sent out through the air blower. As the absorbed water increases, the processing sector gradually becomes saturated. In order to maintain its stable dehumidification performance, it is necessary to regenerate and reduce the moisture absorbent in the rotor. At this time, the rotor that is saturated is slowly driven into the regeneration zone by the motor to start the regeneration regeneration process.
The regeneration air reaches 100 to 140 degrees after heating, and then is blown into the regeneration zone in the reverse direction. At high temperature, the absorbed water in the rotor is desorbed, and the regeneration air loses a lot of sensible heat during the desorption process. The temperature of the self has been reduced to a humid, humid air that is saturated with moisture. The air is guided to the outside by the blower to complete the transfer of moisture. After regenerating and dehydrating, the wheel regained its strong moisture absorption capacity. Under the drive of the motor, it transferred to the work area for dehumidification.
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