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Electrolytic mold cleaning machine advantages and precautions

Electrolytic mold cleaning machine advantages

1. The electrolytic cleaning system emits gas to the metal surface. The effect of the sauna is used to remove dirt and impurities on the metal surface. It can also completely remove the rust, coke, resin components, moisture, and oil on the mold. The vibrating dirt peels off and floats, the metal is attached to the cathode, and even a fairly small corner of the dirt can be completely removed.

2, even a complex shape can also remove dirt, there is a good effect of rust and rust.

3, restore the metal to the original copper green, restore the original beautiful metal.

4, can completely clean decontamination, greatly reducing the post-cleaning rate.

5, saving one hour compared to manual cleaning;

6, more environmentally friendly and safer than using organic solvents.

Electrolysis mold cleaning machine matters needing attention

● During use, use gloves, glasses, and other protective equipment.

● Please use a special container for storage and strictly manage it.

● After the liquid is used, it should be treated as industrial waste water. It should not be discharged into the sewer after being diluted or diluted. It should be handled by qualified professional companies.

● Do not eat it by mistake and keep it out of the reach of children.

● If you accidentally get into your eyes or mouth, rinse immediately with plenty of water for more than 10 minutes and seek medical advice.
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