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Application of Shanghai Oil Mold Temperature Machine in Injection Mould

The relevant professionals know one thing: the thermal balance of the injection mold control The heat transfer of the injection molding machine and the mold is the key to the production of injection molded parts.
   Therefore, in such a key position, the Shanghai oil-type mold temperature cutoff is indispensable. The application points of our company's Shanghai oil mold temperature in injection molds are summarized as follows:
1, the thermal balance of injection molds;
2, the purpose of controlling the temperature of the mold;
5, constant temperature machine;
6, heat transfer fluid;
7, the advantages of mold temperature machine and economic
3, mold temperature on the impact of injection molded parts;
4, effective control of the mold temperature preparation conditions;
    In fact, the purpose of controlling the temperature of the mold and the influence of the temperature of the mold on the injection molded part In the injection molding process, the main purpose of controlling the temperature of the mold is to heat the mold to the operating temperature, and the second is to keep the mold temperature constant at the working temperature. If the above two points are successful, the cycle time can be optimized to ensure the stable high quality of injection molded parts. In this respect, our company's Shanghai Oil Mold Temperature Machine has also done very well. In addition, mold temperature will affect the surface quality, fluidity, shrinkage, injection cycle and deformation and other aspects. Excessive or insufficient mold temperature can have different effects on different materials.
    For thermoplastics, a higher die temperature generally improves surface quality and flow but increases the cooling time and injection cycle. A lower mold temperature will reduce shrinkage in the mold, but will increase the shrinkage of the molded part after demoulding. For thermosetting plastics, a higher mold temperature usually reduces the cycle time, which is determined by the time required for the part to cool. In addition, in the plastic processing, a higher mold temperature will also reduce the plasticization time and reduce the number of cycles. The understanding of the application of the mold temperature machine in the injection mold is just a brief understanding of the application of the Shanghai oil mold temperature machine.
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