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The main principle of classification and dehumidifying dryer

Use desiccant dryer can be divided into stand-alone centralized, stand-alone desiccant dryer typically includes a host dryer, dry bucket and suction machine. Stand-alone use suitable for small variety of drying, the advantage of good drying efficiency, and facilitate the rapid refueling.
Centralized dryer includes a drying machine hosts and several drying barrels, each drying tub with separate heating controller, can be dried at the same time a number of different materials, and with air volume control valve to control the air flow of each drying barrel.
working principle
An inner loop dehumidifier: high-temperature high-pressure gas is discharged into the condenser cooling → → → becomes low pressure gas through a capillary into a low-temperature low-pressure shut-off → → liquid evaporation through the evaporator through the compressor suction vent running → → back to the compressor becomes hot temperature low-pressure gas. So on ad infinitum.
Second, the outer loop dehumidifier: in the case of normal boot through the fan running → → humid air from the inlet suction → → evaporator through the evaporator the air moisture adsorbed on aluminum → become dry air → After the condenser cooling → blown from the outlet.
main feature
1, using the Japanese ceramic fiber honeycomb material for runner, dehumidification effect;
2, can be equipped with PLC programmable touch screen, more complete; 3, the availability of ultra-low dew point temperature of cooling water can be ordinary dew point of -40 ℃, with chillers up to -50 ℃ ultra-low dew point;
4, dehumidification and regeneration cycle work continuously to ensure that the dew point temperature is stable at -40 ℃ below the dew point of stability in a straight line;
5, no pollution to ensure the quality of plastic;
6, 1000 ℃ high temperature resistant runner in case of fire, anti-acid and alkali, can be washed, the average life expectancy of more than 10 years;
7, the regeneration temperature is 180 ℃, than the traditional Hot Air Dryer to save time and 2/3 of 30-40% of energy;
8, a dehumidifier can be used with several independent drying hopper use.
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