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Causes of Dry Burning in Water Type Mold Temperature Machines

When the machine is turned on, when the motor and heater are turned on at the same time, the heater will start working immediately: the heating will increase the temperature. Since the motor has just started the water and has not yet entered the machine, the heater will not dry out directly because of the medium of water, so it will work for a long time. The service life of the heater is shortened and the heater is often easily damaged.
Although some manufacturers have designed a solution for this, the circuit board sets up two buttons, namely the motor start button and the heater start button. This requires the operator to start the motor button first, and then complete the water supply and then operate the heater button. Although this can prevent the heater dry, but because this operation needs to be completed by the person, and the operation is not very humane, need to wait for a period of time to continue processing, many operators often for convenience, open two buttons at the same time, so that it can not be reached To the manufacturer's design intention, it is impossible to protect the heater.
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