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The reason why the dehumidifying dryer cannot dry the material properly

Dehumidifying dryers The use of dehumidifying dryers can be classified into stand-alone machines and centralized machines. Stand-alone dehumidifying dryers usually include a dryer unit, a desiccant dryer dryer, and a suction machine. The use of a stand-alone type is suitable for a small number of various types of drying, and has the advantages of good drying efficiency and quick and convenient reloading. Reasons why the dehumidifying dryer cannot dry the material properly:

The waste heat flue gas with a temperature less than 350°C cannot be used as a heat source for drying materials;

The phenomena that the particle size of the material becomes larger during the drying process cannot be solved, which greatly affects the material effect.

There are common problems such as large heat loss, low thermal efficiency, high coal consumption, difficulty in controlling the discharge of water, and low relative yield.

Can not adapt to the drying of water containing crystal water (such as gypsum hemihydrate gypsum dry), can not adapt to the drying of high moisture materials;

The dryer system does not use an automatic microcomputer detection and control system, and can not timely perform accurate on-line detection and control of materials, wind, coal, etc., resulting in a failure of the drying system.
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