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Dehumidifying dryer in humid weather

The centralized type includes a dryer main unit and a plurality of drying buckets. Each drying bucket has an independent heating controller, which can dry several different raw materials at the same time, and cooperates with an air volume control valve to control the air volume of each drying bucket.
The stand-alone type usually includes a dryer main unit, a drying bucket, and a suction feeder. The use of a stand-alone type is suitable for a small number of various types of drying, and has the advantages of good drying efficiency and quick and convenient reloading.
In the flood season, many people use ventilation, moisture-proof boxes, and air conditioners to repeatedly go tides, but it is still difficult to solve the problem of mildew and wall water. Air quality experts for air dehumidifiers point out that, in fact, this is closely related to high humidity in the air. Therefore, to solve the problems of mold and high humidity is difficult to deal with both single and damp, and we must use professional dehumidification equipment. Keep the indoor air dry, but also pay attention to a lot of tips. Select the appropriate dehumidifier dryer ventilation.
Normally it is suitable around 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM. Normally, the ventilation time can be 30 minutes once the window is opened. The number of times can be determined depending on the situation. When the humidity is high, the frequency should not be too many and the time is too long. Choose the right air dehumidification method. Ventilation and air conditioning to deal with the appropriate humidity is not bad, especially in the autumn and winter when the air is dry, the dehumidification effect is better, but many people can not be recognized; while the general moisture-proof box, moisture-proof agent can only partially dehumidify. The use of a dehumidifying dryer with a professional dehumidification function is the most simple and practical, such as Zhengdao has a sophisticated dehumidification technology products, the United States and Panasonic and other famous brands have many similar options. It is advisable to choose a big brand with a high degree of market acceptance. Otherwise, improper use may result in new problems. Air dehumidifiers need to be cleaned once a week to ensure clean and good dehumidification.
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